Heartlands High School is fully committed to promoting and ensuring equality of opportunity and achievement for all, and our school will do all it can to ensure that students meet their potential.

We recognise and will take action to tackle the many factors that affect pupil attainment including: gender, disability, ethnicity, religion and belief, sexual orientation and social class, and key issues such as violence against women and girls, including domestic violence, forced marriage, sexual bullying and sexual exploitation.

We also take seriously our duty to shape the values and attitudes of children and young people, and will take a lead in challenging race, disability and gender based harassment, bullying and violence; as well as providing pupils with opportunities to explore the inequalities which currently exist in society.

We undertake to set and maintain a school ethos that positively promotes race, disability and
gender equality.

We are committed to creating good relationships in the school with all groups by race, culture,
gender, disability, sexual orientation, religious belief and age.