From Monday 3rd June: Year 11 pre-exam practice after school:

3rd June: English, Business Studies and Music

4th June: Geography, History and Spanish

5th June: Maths and History

6th June: English and Science

7th June: Food technology

10th June: Maths and History.

Year 11 GCSE Revision Guide

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Library and after school study

The library is open Monday to Thursday until 5pm in term time for independent revision.
Revision TimetablesPlease click here to access the blank weekly revision timetable which Year 11 students should use to plan their weekly study. We always refer to the mantra ‘3 hours per day, 5 days per week’ in the run up to exams. These 15 hours of independent study can be spread over the week in a number of ways but serves as a guide to how much revision students should be completing from February to June in their final year. After school and weekend sessions should also count towards these 15 hours.